ZAEV Academy for Young Leaders from the Western Balkans

The framework of the "ZAEV Academy for Young Leaders from the Western Balkans" is provided with the participants to be able to work individually and in groups with prominent individuals - their peers from social and political life, acquire communication and leadership skills, promote their professional growth and development. The exact number of participants, the required professional qualifications and competencies, the application process, the selection process (electronic application, project/case interview and one-on-one interview), and the exact program with lectures and interactive workshops, seminars and study visits will be further defined. The realization of this Academy is planned to be composed of 2 (two) modules (Winter module and Summer module), which beginning is chosen to be by marking 2 (two) internationally important days, as follows:

24 January - International Day of Education

  • Winter Module to mark the International Day of Education on 24 January, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, which will be realized by encouraging creative thinking among young people using analysis of research projects based on scientific methods. Through this activity, young people will be educated on how to use scientific methods through the formulation, testing and validation of a hypothesis, and to have applicable results from the research project. It will be an activity with an interdisciplinary character, which envisages an inclusive approach in the formation of the teams that will be participants in the “ZAEV Academy for Young Leaders from the Western Balkans”.

12 August - International Youth Day

Summer Module will start with the celebration of the International Youth Day on 12 August declared by the United Nations General Assembly, through a series of activities. The above activities will be aimed at motivating young people to be more actively involved in all areas of social life and to be encouraged in making vital decisions. Activities that young people should take for their future, to ensure their better positioning in society.

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