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Karateka Puliksenija – our newest success story

This month, we are continuing our "Success Stories" series, where we showcase inspiring examples of young individuals who have demonstrated that hard work and dedication can lead to success in [...]

Donations for students at POU “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Novo Selo

People are inherently equal and deserve full respect and attention. I n the spirit of recognizing this, the “ZAEV - One Society for All” Foundation recently carried out a meaningful [...]

Scholarships for students pursuing degrees in youth work

In adherence to its programmatic principles, the "ZAEV - One Society for All" Foundation champions, endorses, and advances its vision in the realm of youth education. In pursuit of this [...]

A nine-month scholarship opportunity for exceptional primary and secondary school students

The "ZAEV - One Society for All" Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Strumica, is proud to announce its commitment to granting scholarships for the academic year 2023/24 to [...]

Supporting the 30th anniversary of “Ohrid Fest”

Promoting and preserving Macedonian cultural creativity, particularly in music, remain central to the programmatic efforts of the "ZAEV - One Society for All" Foundation. Consequently, this year our foundation is [...]

Supporting the “PRESPA” newspaper for the Macedonian community in Albania

The "ZAEV - One Society for All" Foundation, driven by its core goals and principles, extends its unwavering support towards many humanitarian and charitable endeavors. Consequently, the foundation actively backs [...]

Support for the first Macedonian Analog Astronaut

The "ZAEV - One Society for All" Foundation continues its support for young open-eyed dreamers who possess a strong vision and believe in their ability to achieve success and adapt [...]

Alexander’s success story

The poppy, as part of the Macedonian tradition, is returning to our agricultural fields. Aleksandar Dimitrievski is proof that hard work, creative ideas and faith are the foundations for success in agriculture. Through the support and promotion of the [...]

Monetary prizes awarded for the best essays

On the occasion of two significant anniversaries, namely the 5-year celebration of May 5, known as the Day of the Macedonian Language, and the 70th anniversary of the Macedonian Language [...]

We present to you the third episode of “Success stories”, SAU Tigar

Being a police officer means being loyal to one's profession, performing all tasks honestly and responsibly, and being an example to all citizens. The police are our uncompromising guardians of [...]

“Planting health” with the Ministry of health

One of the foundational pillars of the “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation is its Program for a healthy environment, which includes measures to increase green spaces. As part [...]

A series entitled “Three Days in Lerin and Mala Prespa” has been espoused

In celebration of the Day of the Macedonian Language on May 5, the “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation provided financial support for the creation of a four-part series [...]

Monetary prizes were awarded for the best essays in the Contest organized by the “Krste Misirkov” Institute of the Macedonian Language in honor of May 5, the Day of the Macedonian language

“Let us preserve, nurture, and promote the Macedonian language - an eternal monument of our existence.” In honor of May 5, the Day of the Macedonian Language, the “Zaev - [...]

The enrichment of the “Korchagin herbarium” has been espoused

One of the programmes that form the foundation for the existence and operation of the “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation is the Environmental Health Programme. With the understanding [...]

Nikola Markoski has shown us that success can be achieved at home, as well. Let’s support our successful Macedonian stories

Youth is a period of life when every individual lays the foundations of their professional career. Everyone is aiming to make their dreams a reality by taking advantage of all [...]

Consumable care packages for socially-vulnerable families from Lipkovo

Staying true to its goals, principles, and the essence of its name, the “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation has carried out another charitable donation. In honor of the [...]

The University clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Skopje receives a surgical microscope as a donation

In honor of April 7th – World Health Day, the “Zaev – One Society for All” foundation donated an “OPMI Movena/S7” surgical microscope worth 1.306.260,oo denars with VAT included for [...]

Analyses for the “Challenges” Journal

It is a time ripe for battle between moderates and radicals and the sooner the leadership and body of the moderate left and right meet, ally, and unite, the sooner [...]

First episode of the “Success stories” series

This series of “Success Stories” is a powerful message to all Macedonian people and to all citizens, especially to young people, that one can be successful in our country as [...]

We extended support to a team from the“Dimitar Vlahov” high school returning home from Croatia with 12 awards

Our support for young and talented students will never cease. The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation, among other subjects, financially aided a student cooking team from the hospitality [...]

Donation of sports equipment to “Dame Gruev” elementary school in Kuklish

The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation cultivates cooperation with companies that share similar views and values within its activities. On the basis of this cooperation, our foundation has [...]

The names of the five specialists attending the “IRCAD” course for professional development in France have been revealed and supported by the “Zaev – One society for all” foundation

On the basis of the concluded Memorandum of Cooperation between the “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation and the Medical Specialists Association in Skopje, Prof. Dr. Venko Filipce, a [...]

Scholarship grant for young medical specialists

The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation perseveres with its priority commitments to improve the health-care sector in the Republic of North Macedonia. Our Foundation has concluded a Memorandum [...]

A step to electricity

The “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation once again supports innovative and beneficial youth engagement. Iva, Mateo, Jovana, Stefan, and Vlatko are students at the municipal high school “Mirko [...]

Humanitarian aid for Turkey

The “Zaev - One Society for All” foundation along with the brand “Mama’s” and the “Total Inzenering” company have delivered humanitarian aid to the Turkish nation, intended for the residents [...]

Certificate of appreciation handed to the head of the “Zaev – One society for all” foundation at the Strumica sportsman of the year 2022 selection

One more sports recognition was handed to Zoran Zaev, the head of the “Zaev - One Society For All” foundation. At the 2022 Selection for the best athletes, sports teams, [...]

Donation to University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics

The "Zaev - One Society for All" Foundation, through its representatives Mrs. Zorica Zaeva and Dr. Venko Filipce, on the eve of the New Year 2023, donated an extremely important [...]

New Year’s activities with children living in homes and without parents

There is a proverb that says: "The end adorns the work." If that is the case, then the calendar end of 2022 could not be more noble, beautiful and happy [...]

Recognition for exceptional contribution to the development and affirmation of sport

Within the framework of the "Zlatna Olimpija" event, which was held in Skopje, and at which awards were given for the most successful women in sports for 2022, the Director [...]

Donation for JZU “Opshta Bolnica”

One of the most important foundations on which the existence and operation of the "Zaev - One Society for All" Foundation rests is the promotion of public health. As part [...]

Signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Municipality of Strumica

Today, our Foundation "Zaev - One Society for All" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Municipality of Strumica, represented by Mayor Kostadin Kostadinov. The subject of the Memorandum of [...]

The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation will award trainees with scholarships to train at European institutions

The "Zaev - One Society for All" Foundation will award trainees with scholarships to train at European institutions. This was stated by our representative, neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Venko Filipche, as [...]

Visit of WFC “Tiveria” – one of the most successful women’s football clubs

Representatives of WFC "Tiveria," one of the most successful women's football teams in the country, paid a visit to the Foundation "Zaev - One Society for All" office. At the [...]

Interview for the Academic Network for the support of EU policy towards the Western Balkans

„The Prespa Agreement is a real success because it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to resolve foreign policy issues peacefully, using soft power. We have demonstrated our [...]

„Sport for the country, the country for the sport.“

“Sport for the country, the country for the sport” - The Zaev Foundation - One Society for All, was the official patron of the two-day summit of sports journalists from [...]

This is our common world

The Foundation “ZAEV – One Society for All” to the United Nations

A small gift – a lot of love

With the message “A small gift – a lot of love,” the “ZAEV Foundation – One

We are sending a message for a fight, fight for life – October, the month to fight against breast cancer

On the occasion of the celebration of October as the month for the fight

Fight for children’s rights – children’s week 2022

Every child has the right to a carefree childhood and a life of dignity.

International Day of Older Persons

Population aging is one of the characteristics of the 21st century. Demography says that the world is aging, and the number of elderly people is becoming more and more dominant. [...]

Мир, Frieden, PEACE, Paix, Mier, Pace, Fred, Paz, Nabad, Paqe, Béke

There is a different word in different countries of the world, but that word is an essential need for all citizens of the planet. PEACE – such a short word, [...]

International Day of Democracy 2022

Dear citizens, democrats, libertarians, common people, workers, businessmen, and politicians, we are living in a time of epidemic and war.

World Suicide Prevention Day

An estimated 800,000 people commit suicide each year, or one every 40 seconds, according to statistics.

Open Balkan summit in Belgrade

As part of the “Wine Vision of the Open Balkans” fair held in Belgrade, I received a large plaque from the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia, in recognition of […]

Celebrating World Humanitarian Day

The United Nations is celebrating this year’s World Humanity Day on August 19 under the banner “It takes a village,” which is related with the adage “It takes a village […]

Celebrating the International Youth Day

In honor of the International Youth Day on August 12, "Zaev Foundation - One Society for all" visited Amir Destanov, a student at the primary school "Brothers Ramiz and Hamid" [...]

Ukraine shows appreciation for Foundation Zaev-One society for all

Ukrainian Parliament shows appreciation for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine from North Macedonia

Friendship Day

We had the great pleasure to welcome our dear friends and guests to our beautiful city of Strumica: EU Ambassador David Gere, Ambassa…

One society for all – Zaev Foundation

The Foundation is free to promote views and opinions on issues of…

Donation to the military and the civilian population in Ukraine

Through the Zaev – One Society for All Foundation, we sent 20 tons of Macedonian humanitarian…

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