Presentation of scholarships to 68 exemplary primary and secondary school students from the municipality of Strumica

A wise proverb teaches us that “The most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile.” Yesterday, at the Strumica Art Gallery, this was multiplied by 68, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Strumica Municipality and the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation. These 68 children are accomplished and gifted students from Strumica’s primary and secondary schools. They were honored with certificates for scholarships during a special ceremony attended by Mayor Kostadin Kostadinov and our foundation’s representative, Eva Zaeva. The recipients of these scholarships are regular students who have distinguished themselves by securing first, second, or third place in international, state, regional, or municipal competitions. Their achievements met the criteria set forth in the previously announced Public Call.

Under the terms of a Memorandum of Cooperation established between the Municipality of Strumica and the “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation, the Municipality has awarded a total of 45 scholarships. Among these, 20 scholarships were granted to regular secondary school students, each valued at 2,500 denars, and 25 scholarships were awarded to regular primary school students, each valued at 2,000 denars. These scholarships will be valid for nine months during the academic year 2023/2024. The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation is also presenting an extra 23 certificates for scholarships. Out of these, 10 scholarships are designated for regular secondary school students, while 13 are reserved for primary school students.

At the awarding ceremony, Mayor Kostadinov and our representative, Eva Zaeva, addressed the esteemed scholarship recipients. Among her words of encouragement, Eva Zaeva highlighted, “The future of our community, our society, and every individual hinges on the pursuit of knowledge and success in education and beyond. As young individuals, we have the power to make a significant impact. Your accomplishments reflect this. This is why you deserve our congratulations for your past achievements and the scholarships we are awarding you with today.”

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