Annual report 2022

Every day we fight for better tommorow, and we help where is most needed and we build our world

When confronting our “today” as a time knot that tetters our “yesterday” to our “tomorrow,” it’s best to confront its features, accepting them as they are. We might not be fond of these features in today’s climate, but we have all been gifted a suitable power, one that enables us to rouse humanity in every man. In this way and by employing conscience, will, decisiveness, goodness, empathy, knowledge, ideation, and belief in ourselves, we will be able to transform bad into good and good into better. Each time we circumvent the symptoms plaguing the present moment, each time we passivize the function of our senses and become numb to the overall social ambience where we shoot the episodes of our lives is nothing other than siloing in airless chambers. We’ve decided to open our doors and windows. This is why we exist.

We sent 20 tons of edible goods as humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

"We don’t abide by - Out of sight, out of mind.”

When I say “one society for all,” I mean introducing a new seal or lifegiving value to the term “society.” After all, society in and of itself conveys a sum, a coherency, unity. It encompasses substantive integrity in all people and all constituents. Everything existing under the same sky, under the same sun, and under the same systemic conditions comprises the hallmark of a society. Hence, every deviation indicates incompleteness and a drive to return each tessera to its rightful place.

Therefore, “one society for all” is not fiction. It is not an ideal to follow blindly. It is not a declarative effort with no substantive application. It is not a disposable political slogan. It is not a written, flipped, and forgotten page of a book. “One society for all” is believing in proven values. It is a life’s dream, concocted with eyes wide open, but it is also living life by adhering to the principles, ideals, and roadmaps of that said dream. “One society for all” is one part of me and every other person who shares these dreams, visions, and values.

We observed the International Youth Day on the 12th of August with a donation to young mathematicians Amir Destanov and Makedon Dimitrovski.

"Investing in our youth is one of the most essential investments for a better future."

We are all part of the universe we live in. It rests on select natural and social opposites, an eternal duality of occurrences, particular antithetic states, principles, ideas, concepts, and habits. This “antagonism” is evident in many antonyms: good – bad, love – hate, joy – sadness, peace – war, day – night, light – dark, fortune – misfortune, health – sickness, life – death, compassion – mercilessness, wealth – poverty, comedy – tragedy, position – opposition, etc. We should never draw a rigid line between two opposites confronting us. If we simply accept some as a byproductof the dominance natural forces exercise on the world and render human influence futile, then good faith should be a guiding force for our aspirations towards certain states and conditions. With these beliefs, we follow the rhythm of our hearts in an effort to shine a light where darkness has taken over, to get a smile out of those who are sad, to lend a hand to the sick, the wounded, and the poor, to gift happiness to those who are unhappy, to share love with victims of evil… Each successful step in our fight to paint a prettier picture of the everyday is additional motivation to continue.

We observed the International Day of Charity on the 19th of August by donating 100.000 denars to “SOS Detskoselo” and 100.000 denars to four families affected by fires from a lightning strike in Prilep.

"An equal sign rests between charity and humanity, a sign that sits on the bridge connecting the mind and the heart."

Many have asked me why I do what I do. Every “why” has one or a few “because.” My answer is: because my (our) dream must correspond with and restart forgotten dreams that have been intercepted, unfinished, or far to distant from reality. This dream resuscitation will undoubtedly usher in hope, faith, freedom. People have the right to dream, and my driving force is to build a two-way bridge between my (our) and their dream…

because it’s more than necessary to transform each “me,” “you,” and “him” into “us,” and then find the hidden “you” and “them…”

because we must acknowledge that each person is one bead on a country’s necklace. That necklace is most beautiful when brimming with beads of every size and color.

because the country mirrors every dance performed in it. The more dances, the more intricate the frame…

and finally, because I cannot and will not run from myself. Even if I could do that, I would quickly lose my way, leaving myself stranded without my inner compass leading me through space and time. Essentially, I would not be who I am.

We observed World Suicide Prevention Day withfinancial aid of 180,000 for the “Sam protiv site” theater project pertaining to the fight against anxiety and depression.

"If we don’t give up on people, they are less likely to give up on themselves."

We can’t raise walls around us and isolate ourselves. We mustn’t be a remote island cordoned off by large coasts. Today, when the world is on its knees following severe challenges, we must acknowledge that these challenges aren’t “someone’s,” but ours to confront, as well. It helps us understand that our country is a significant part of the world and we are also responsible for acting in accordance with the global movement for finding solutions to the threats to peace, and the climate, health, economic, and energy crises. However, we should not walk this journey alone, but keep the principles of joint potential at hand. Firstly, we need internal unity to rid our society of illnesses and then build friendships, collaboration, and understanding through additional engagement at a regional, continental, and global level. As we firmly believe in this ideal, we unrelentingly support efforts and initiatives that underpin this belief.

As part of the collaboration with “Dom za deca mladi” from Strumica, we financially aided an art event dedicated to World Peace Day on the 21st of September.

"Peace is where we hear children clamoring."

Art, literature, theater, music, film and other creative arts are a few of the pillars of a nation’s ID. Treating the arts as they deserve involves zealous support for individual and joint creative efforts to craft original “products” that are paramount when reflecting our cultural milieu as an added value to a country’s total cultural treasure. Self-expression by way of colors, words, notes, takes, and retorts and movements on stagedo not just constitute an effort to create permanent value that is essential for national and social interest, but granting the creative act full freedom. All these aspects place culture and arts on the list of spheres demanding interest and support from our foundation.

For the International Day of Older Persons on the 1st of October, we donated sports equipment to the Pensioners Club in Strumica.

"We should respect our seniors, as we will be in their position soon, hoping to receive the same respect."

I was young yesterday, I’m an adult today, and I will be in my twilight years tomorrow. Time and life resemble a bubbling river quickly flowing in one direction. This is why the focus of our society should be on all contributing individuals, regardless of their respective age groups. Yet, children and young people should still be our absolute priorities. What we mustn’t do is spout empty rhetoric that leads to creating form without substance. Experience suggests the phrase “they are our future” is often relegated to a threadbare expression, not bearing much weight. Instead, we should say “we should invest in their future.” A considerable part of our past and future activities has been, is, and will be to protect the interests of younger generations and their introduction to positive social flow.

We financially aided activities established by the “Detska radost” kindergarten in Strumica aimed at observing Children’s Week.

"We should let kids be kids."

Humans can be more humane. Foes can become friends. Two monologues can become a dialogue, and two open arms can become a greeting, a pact, a collaboration. With this, we will help our education save face, bring knowledge back to servingscience, restore nature to its natural state, give our environment life, democratize democracy, organize new assignments in business, new successes in sports, new achievements in civil society. We don’t need much to achieve this. All we need is a rebirth of human values and a burial for ego and division.

For World Food Day on the 16th of October, we allotted gift vouchers to 150 socially vulnerable communities in Bitola, Shtip, Kichevo, Kumanovo, and Strumica to aid the fight against poverty.

"The collective conscience of the world’s people will become a powerful force in the fight against poverty."

One proverb says “the hand that gives, gathers,” while another says “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.“Bearing the second proverb in mind, we can logically answer why the “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation publicly discloses its donations. Our answer is somewhat simple –transparency and accountability are our obligations, and besides the primary aim of every donation or humanitarian aid, we are driven by the belief that we might encourage charity in each citizen or community.

Our foundation was a general sponsor at the Symposium of sports journalists from Southeast Europe entitled “Sports for the country, the country for sports.”

"The only true reward for peace is peace itself."

We supported the end-of-year visit to Krushevo to meet children from the “11 Oktomvri” and “25 Maj” group homes and donated funds to purchase gifts for children on the streets, orphaned children, children without identifying documents, and children of the homeless.

One of my (our) most important dreams is a healthy society with healthy healthcare and healthy people. Despite the existence of several prerequisites that will enable us to realize this dream, one of the most essential is the improvement of healthcare by way of modernizing the technical capacity of each segment and level of public health, from the primary, through the secondary, to the tertiary health promotion and disease prevention. If there’s one hallmark of our first year operating the “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation, it would be donating modern equipment to several public healthcare institutions in the country. By consistently carrying out the postulates in our program for raising public health awareness, we are obliged to continue this mission because human life and the nation’s health are priceless.

We observed Breast Cancer Awareness month in October by donating wigs to breast cancer patients hospitalized at the University clinic for radiotherapy and oncology.

"We should care for our healthcare like we care for our health."

We donated a urological diagnostic device to the public hospital in Strumica.

We donated a new newborn resuscitation device to the University clinic for gynecology and obstetrics in Skopje to be used on babies born prematurely.

"An equal sign rests between charity and humanity, a sign that sits on the bridge connecting the mind and the heart."

And in the end? There are no real endings, but new beginnings or new extensions of our collective dream. Indeed, in the end it all comes down to “One Society for All.”

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