ZAEV Sports & Recreation Program

Within the framework ofthe "ZAEV Sports & Recreation Program" through activities for the development and promotion of sports, special programs will be initiated that will create conditions for conducting sports activities. Within this program, the creation of the "ZAEV Rally Moto" is envisaged through activities realized in a competitive spirit and sports recreation of the participants, providing organizational set-up for realization. The celebration of the activities in this program will be in coordination with the activities of the "ZAEV Program for raising public health awareness", with the planned realization of:

6 April - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

The celebration of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, will be followed by a marathon to promote peace through sport. All participants will be dressed in white T-shirts, and they will complete the planned trajectory by showing a white card – as a symbol of peace. With this symbolic moment, the participants will send a strong message for the protection of peace, common values ​​and the protection of fundamental freedoms and rights, understood by all citizens around the world, especially because of the recent turn of events in Ukraine.

3 June - World Bicycle Day

Celebrating World Bicycle Day on 3 June, declared by the United Nations General Assembly to stimulate cycling as a source of social, economic and health benefits that bring people together. It will be marked by the organization of “Bike Week”, which will aim to stimulate increased awareness among citizens to use more and more non-polluting means of transport such as bicycles. This “Bike Week” will also mark the Ride4Women initiative, launched by several European doctors to raise awareness of the importance of preventing and early diagnosing cervical cancer by cycling long distances.

10 September - World Suicide Prevention Day

Having in mind that sport has a very important role in encouraging social interactivity and in building open communities, activities will be undertaken that will create sports habits among young people through discipline and teamwork. Through sports, young people will learn to create new networks of acquaintances with their peers from the region, in the spirit of healthy sports habits and acceptance of diversity, tolerance, respect for competition, competitive spirit and teamwork. These activities will be realized in honour of the celebration of World Suicide Prevention Day  on 10 September.

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