Another donation to SOS Detsko Selo

As a non-profit organization committed to social responsibility and dedicated to charitable and humanitarian causes, the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation continues its support for “SOS Detsko Selo.”

This time, our foundation is providing financial support to the B2S campaign of “SOS Detsko Selo”. This initiative aims to provide educational support to a vulnerable group of children and youth under their care, facilitating both academic and extracurricular education, and easing their reintegration into the school system.

Initiatives like those of “SOS Detsko Selo,” a part of the global family of over 500 Children’s Villages in 134 countries, merit the attention and support of our foundation, therefore we plan to maintain it in the foreseeable future.

Given that “SOS Detsko Selo” directly or indirectly aids 460 children and youth who lack parental care or are at social risk and endeavors to secure financial resources for educational activities to enhance their skills and knowledge, the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation urges all foundations, institutions, associations, and individuals to act in accordance with the principles that should be inherent in every individual.

Let’s awaken the empathy and humanity within ourselves, for by doing good for others, we ultimately do good for ourselves.

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