“Planting health” with the Ministry of health

One of the foundational pillars of the “Zaev – One Society for All” foundation is its Program for a healthy environment, which includes measures to increase green spaces. As part of this initiative, the “Planting Health” campaign was launched yesterday in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. This campaign entails the planting of 100 seedlings, featuring tall, mature trunks, within the vicinity of the Clinical Center, with the aim of rejuvenating and enriching the parks within the university clinic complex.

Yesterday’s activity attracted doctors, students of general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, and students from the “Pance Karagjozov” secondary medical school.

The new trees enveloping the Clinical Center will undoubtedly contribute to the beautification of the extant parks. But above all, they will carry significant health benefits to patients, healthcare professionals, and visiting relatives.

The “Planting Health” campaign will continue over the next few days until the final seedlings are planted. We urge all citizens and university clinic staff to care for and nurture the planted trees. After all, our health and the environment are the most salient aspects of society.

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