A small gift – a lot of love

With the message “A small gift – a lot of love,” the “ZAEV Foundation – One society for all” awarded vouchers worth 2,000 denars to 150 families from Bitola, Shtip, Kichevo, Kumanovo, and Strumica on the occasion of World Food Day – October 16 and International Day for the Fight Against Poverty – October 17.

One in three people worldwide currently lack access to enough food, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). On the other hand, the ongoing conflict in a region of the European continent makes it more difficult, expensive, and limiting to produce food.

Food, as a basic need of every person and family, is one of the main components for a life without poverty. Unfortunately, the global reality says that one part of the world is starving, and the rest has food in abundance, and even large amounts of food are thrown away. Such an image must be changed.

Uneven access to healthy food, hunger and poverty are some of the biggest problems in the world. Climate changes, military conflicts and world economic turbulence further complicate the situation in that regard. The global and collective consciousness of all societies is on the move. We should unite in the struggle against poverty and the fight for food. Let’s follow this year’s World Food Day worldwide slogan, “Leave no one behind,” in doing so. The International Day for the struggle against Poverty celebration will undoubtedly reflect such engagement.

Food for everyone, no poverty should be our shared goal. And since everyone benefits from being human, it is essential to do so until that ambition is realized.

All sorrows are less with bread.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Spanish writer

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