The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation will award trainees with scholarships to train at European institutions. This was stated by our representative, neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Venko Filipche, as a panelist on behalf of the Foundation, during a panel discussion on the topic “Plan and strategy for maintaining young physicians in the nation,” held by the Association of Doctors and Trainees (ZLS). He stressed that investing in young medical trainees, in their competence and knowledge, is an investment in the growth and development of North Macedonia’s whole health system. At the same time, he stated that the nation has qualified medical staff, and that in order to minimize personnel exodus, it is important to develop competitive working circumstances similar to those seen in European countries. The foundation devotes a significant portion of its initiatives to the support and development of healthcare, as well as the improvement of the status of healthcare workers. Filipce stated that two initiatives are being developed to encourage young specialists to reach better professional achievements and to develop future quality and competitive physicians who will work in clinics and hospitals around the country.

The “Zaev – One Society for All” Foundation will fund 5 to 10 trainees at the Ircad Center for Experimental Surgery in Strasbourg, France. It is a Center where the most recent medical advances are applied to animals, whether endoscopic interventions, open surgical interventions, robotic surgery, endovascular interventions, or hybrid treatments. I believe that as many young physicians as possible should attend the Center, which is why the Foundation plans to execute it beginning next year. Within the framework of the second program, in agreement with the Faculty of Medicine and ZLS, the Foundation will finance the stay of the trainees, during the mobility internship of three months, in one of the most developed European universities where they will be able to improve and educate themselves” – said Filipche.

He suggested that new physicians be given enough assistance and training, competitive incomes and working conditions in clinics, and a valued place in society. In the last five years, 5,000 jobs have been created in the health sector, health worker salaries have been significantly increased, interns have been compensated for their work in the amount of the average salary of a general practitioner, they are paid on duty, and they have health and pension insurance. Furthermore, the health budget has grown by about 50% in the last five years, but it is still required to consider enhancing working conditions and development.

“We have incredibly talented and devoted physicians. Our clinics have knowledge that must be maintained and promoted if we are to keep up with industrialized nations and inspire future physicians to study, upgrade, and work here. Based on these principles, the Foundation’s mission will include efforts to assist the growth and education of all young physicians in order to stimulate and progress this field. Furthermore, the Foundation will focus on providing access to services for all people and enhancing service availability in all regions of the nation, as well as for marginalized groups of citizens who do not have access to certain services “- Filipche stated.

He added that better conditions for doctors, specialists and all healthcare workers remain the focus of his work, but also one of the priorities of the “Zaev One Society for All” Foundation.

Filipche told the young trainees:

“I wish you to continue to remain constructively aggressive when looking for meetings, and when looking for the implementation of different models and to continue the system that Biljana started 5 years ago, Alexandra continued together with Mario and Miralen and other colleagues. To always ask for doors to be open to you, not to accept that there is a closed door. If you ever think that the door is closed to you in any institution, enter through a window because this is your country.”

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