Sponsorship for the Union of Fighters from NOAVM to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Liberation from Fascism

With deep regard for the cherished values and rich Macedonian history, and with recognition of the manifold contributions of past generations to our society, the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation is steadfast in its support for commemorating significant milestones from our nation’s past.

In alignment with our ongoing commitments, our foundation has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Main Board of the Union of Fighters from NOAVM (1941-1945) and contemporary followers in Skopje. Under this agreement, the Foundation has allocated financial resources totaling 200,000 denars to facilitate various activities organized by the Union of Fighters in observance of the momentous occasion – the 80th anniversary of our country’s liberation from fascist occupation.

As reported by the Civil Society Organization (CSO) of the Union of Fighters – Skopje, the commemorative activities will span the entirety of the year. They will encompass events such as tributes marking the 80th anniversary of the February campaign, public forums held across cities, screenings of partisan and documentary films highlighting the significance of the anniversary, an international symposium, exhibitions, literary evenings, and more.

The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation remains committed to fulfilling its mission in collaboration with like-minded individuals, companies, and institutions who share our vision, principles, and values in the days ahead.

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