Nikola Markoski has shown us that success can be achieved at home, as well. Let’s support our successful Macedonian stories

Youth is a period of life when every individual lays the foundations of their professional career. Everyone is aiming to make their dreams a reality by taking advantage of all available opportunities. Young people are the drivers of society and are the future of our country. North Macedonia invests in young people and contributes to their individual development however, they also need mentorship and financial support for the realization of their dreams and ideas. This is the only way to achieve real progress in our society. Our institutions service the state, therefore they must recognize the abilities, commitments and capacity of our youth.

In the second episode of the “Success Stories” series, we celebrate the story of young Nikola Markoski, director of development at “Green Machines”, who returned from Germany as a successful scientist in the field of physics, to contribute towards the ongoing success and development of our country.

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