We are sending a message for a fight, fight for life – October, the month to fight against breast cancer

On the occasion of the celebration of October as the month for the fight against breast cancer, Mrs. Zorica Zaeva and Dr. Venko Filipche on behalf of the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation, accompanied by the director of the University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology, Dr. Nino Vasev and employees of the Clinic donated wigs to 15 patients who are being treated for breast cancer at this clinic, wishing them a quick and successful recovery.

In conditions where the number of patients with breast cancer is increasing, but, fortunately, the percentage of mortality from this malignant disease is decreasing, it is necessary, again and again, to point out the most important things that serve to deal with the disease more effectively.

Awareness, prevention, information, education, self-examinations, regular mammographic examinations… these are the key things that, in this modern age, every modern woman should know. Detection on time means the detection of a real chance of life.

Therefore, we constantly appeal – that every woman is examined on time – timely detection is a prerequisite for breast cancer to be curable.

Everyone deserves health, everyone deserves life. The fight against breast cancer is not theirs alone. It is ours, to each of us, to each individual, agency, institution, NGO, and foundation. We are sending a message of struggle, struggle for life.

„Pink is a feminine color that is always on the side of life.
If October is pink, let the year be pink“.

Zoran Zaev

Founder of foundation ``One society for all``

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