International Day of Democracy 2022

Dear citizens, democrats, libertarians, common people, workers, businessmen, and politicians, we are living in a time of epidemic and war.

Time when the autocrats want to keep the population in a state of constant fear and uncertainty. But our people are wise and brave.
With a democratic voice, we stopped those who want to kill democracy with violence and blood.

We put an end to the rule OF the People.

And today we have ruled BY the people.

Today, those who vote decide. And not the ones who run away. The vote is democracy. The unique voice of every person. A voice that is appreciated, understood, and heard.

The voice of all groups in our society. The farmers, doctors, miners, volunteers, scouts… Each one of them is important in a democracy.

And when you respect the voice of the citizens, democracy remains recorded as a winner in history. I am proud of our citizens who not only won freedom and democracy, but also nurture and develop them.

That is why – when I was what I was, and when I am what I am, democracy was, is and will be my greatest ideal.

Happy Democracy Day!

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