Donation to Shtip shareholders from the association “Way of youth”

The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation, following a previously established donation agreement, has provided financial assistance in the amount of 60,000 denars to the Association of Action-Volunteers “Path of Youth” in Shtip. This donation is intended to support the association’s program activities related to afforestation and greening of public areas.

Recently, activists from the “Path of Youth” ZAV, along with students from the Faculty of Agriculture at the “Goce Delchev” University in Shtip, executed an awareness-raising campaign for environmental protection and ecology. During this initiative, participants planted seedlings and conducted a clean-up around the university sports hall. The association has announced its intention to organize such activities twice a month.

Tangentially, the “Path of Youth” association of volunteer activists has been active for six years and largely focuses on nurturing the tradition of activism. Their activities span across ecology, environmental protection and management, afforestation, humanitarianism, and more.

Our Foundation, through its “ZAEV Program for a Healthy Environment”, will continue to collaborate with socially responsible companies to support citizen associations dedicated to environmental causes.

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