First episode of the “Success stories” series

This series of “Success Stories” is a powerful message to all Macedonian people and to all citizens, especially to young people, that one can be successful in our country as well.
The struggle is here. The Europeanization of this country is happening here and there are reforms we need to make. In North Macedonia, the economic standard of the citizens will still rise and the life of the people will improve. These challenges are greater at home and have greater value for all of us as citizens of this country. In other Western European countries, all of this has already been achieved.
That’s why we need to work and invest here for our personal success and also for the success of the state and the citizens. With the working and intellectual capacity and the qualities that we posses, everyone can progress and succeed at home as well. Here at home we should leave our mark.

For the start of the series Asst. D-r Natalija Cokleksa Shuntov, pediatric surgeon at Clinic for pediatric surgery shares her success story.

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