Donation for JZU Uneversity clinic for degistive hirurgy

Sometimes, small contributions can significantly enhance the quality of life and societal progress. This rings true with the recent contribution made by the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation. The foundation’s generous donation was directed to fulfill the requirements of the PHI University Clinic for Digestive Surgery in Skopje.

The donated equipment constitutes an indispensable asset for the Digestive Outpatient Clinic, fostering streamlined and more effective medical procedures during routine patient examinations. Its modern design and functional elements facilitate the medical staff in their daily operations.

Advocating for the enhancement of public health stands as a cornerstone of our foundation’s philanthropic endeavors. Consequently, our foundation has diligently provided various medical devices and essential equipment to numerous university clinics and healthcare institutions across the country. These efforts underscore our commitment to fostering the betterment of public health infrastructure.

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