Financial support for the Strumica volunteering fire fighters society

Global climate conditions are just one of the reasons for the increasing occurrences of floods, fires, and other natural disasters that pose significant threats to human lives and material goods. This highlights the need to enhance human and material resources for preventive action, disaster response, and mitigation of their consequences.

In accordance with the Law on Firefighting, the Voluntary Fire Fighting Society Strumica was established in January 2024. The society’s goals and tasks include participating in rescue and protection actions during natural disasters and providing logistical support to TFU Strumica, municipalities, and other institutions and entities in the protection and rescue system.

The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation recognizes that VFS Strumica is a non-profit organization reliant on membership fees, donations, sponsorships, and projects for its functionality. Therefore, the Foundation has decided to donate funds to support the Society’s functional realization of goals and tasks. This donation reaffirms our commitment to doing the right things at the right time.

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