Support for macedonian educators at the international educational conference in Banja Luka

Recently, thirty esteemed Macedonian teachers returned from Banja Luka after participating in the International Educational Conference organized by ANN_EX_YU from April 4 to 7. This significant event, held in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second-largest city, was espoused by the “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation. The Foundation, aligning with its core principles and program commitments, facilitated the attendance of our teachers at this sixth consecutive International Conference, themed “Education removes borders.”

ANN_EX_YU is an international association comprising top educators from the former Yugoslav territories. Its mission is to promote the work of educators across all educational levels and recognize outstanding contributions. At the recent conference in Banja Luka, several Macedonian teachers were honored with the title “Best Teacher of ANN_EX_YU,” thereby becoming esteemed members of the association.

Moving forward, our foundation, in collaboration with socially responsible entities, remains dedicated to supporting activities that promote and elevate Macedonian education.

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