Fight for children’s rights – children’s week 2022

Every child has the right to a carefree childhood and a life of dignity.

The child has the rights to live and to grow.

The child has a right to a suitable education and development.

The child has the right to health and social protection.

The child has the right to parental care.

The child has the right to his opinion and freedom of speech.

The child has the right to be protected from violence, abuse, anddiscrimination.

The child has the right to an appropriate quality of living for  proper growth.

The child is allowed to play with other kids.

The child has a right to rest, play, and free time.


These are just a few of the many children’s rights outlined in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which the United Nations General Assembly ratified 33 years ago.

The Macedonian signature of this Declaration reminds us of our responsibility to uphold children’s rights as an integral part of all human rights. The needs of the children must come first. They expect that from us. They deserve it. Let’s let the CHILD BE A CHILD.

On the occasion of Children’s Week, which this year is celebrated under the motto “Fight for children’s rights”, the Foundation “ZAEV – One Society for All” is helping the activity to mark Children’s Week by JOUGD “DetskaRadost” – Strumica, which includes 350 children from the large groups of this institution, with financial and moral support.

If there is a Children’s Week, then make it 52 of them.

The foundation of the human personality is childhood

Sigmund Freud

Founder of psychoanalysis

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