Support for the first Macedonian Analog Astronaut

The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation continues its support for young open-eyed dreamers who possess a strong vision and believe in their ability to achieve success and adapt to the modern world. This support not only helps them realize their potential but also showcases our country’s presence on a global scale.

One exemplary case is Martina Dimoska, a student enrolled in the Space Studies Master’s program at the International Space University.

In the upcoming month, the young and ambitious Martina will participate in the Analog Astronaut Mission, organized within a protected National Park in Spain. This mission, backed by the European Space Agency (ESA)-supported start-up ICEE Space and Astroland Interplanetary Agency, will take place in caves. The mission will be led by Ales Svoboda, an ESA Astronaut Reservist, and the crew will consist of esteemed researchers supported by renowned scientific institutions.

To facilitate Martina’s involvement in this project, our foundation has provided financial support amounting to 185,000 denars, which covers the total required budget for this purpose.

The “ZAEV – One Society for All” Foundation appeals to national institutions, organizations, and foundations to lend their support to Martina’s endeavors as the first woman from the Balkans and Macedonia to serve as an Analog Astronaut. Through this support, we can enable the transfer of her knowledge and experiences to other aspiring young citizens while also assisting North Macedonia in catching up with and staying on par with neighboring countries in the space sector.

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