Financial support for the therapeutic community “Pokrov”

The Foundation “ZAEV – One Society for All” has decided to affirmatively respond to the cooperation request from the “Pokrov” therapeutic community as part of the initiatives stemming from two pivotal action programs: the “ZAEV – Solidarity-Inclusive Program” and the “ZAEV Social-Humanitarian Program.” In collaboration with other socially responsible entities, our Foundation has extended financial assistance amounting to 200,000 denars to facilitate the realization of Pokrov’s program for 2024.

Established 27 years ago, the therapeutic community “Pokrov” in the village of Banica, Strumica operates as a center for the social rehabilitation of individuals grappling with substance abuse, including drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as procurers. This is the only institution of its kind in North Macedonia. The program encompasses rehabilitation, resocialization, and reintegration of convicted individuals, wherein participation in the program, through probation, substitutes the prison sentence.

Considering that “Pokrov” currently accommodates 20 individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, and Bosniaks, it aligns with the core ethos of our foundation – “ZAEV – One Society for All,” our financial support is headed to the right address.

We urge all socially responsible companies to join us in our mission to provide assistance and support to various institutions, associations, and individuals, addressing their distinct needs and requirements. By doing so, we collectively contribute significantly to the development of our society.

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