Certificate of appreciation handed to the head of the “Zaev – One society for all” foundation at the Strumica sportsman of the year 2022 selection

One more sports recognition was handed to Zoran Zaev, the head of the “Zaev – One Society For All” foundation.

At the 2022 Selection for the best athletes, sports teams, and trainers in Strumica, aside from the traditional accolades for the most successful participants, the municipality of Strumica and the event’s organizing committee also awarded a special certificate of appreciation for a distinct contribution to sports to the head of our foundation, Zoran Zaev.

The Certificate of appreciation is inscribed with the explanation for the award and contains the following: “The man who assisted sporting activities in our municipality as mayor, the man who introduced the sports voucher as prime minister – a step that improved the quality of over 800 clubs in the country, and the man who continues to help sports, sports clubs, and athletes in the municipality and country through the “Zaev – One Society For All” foundation…”

With the help of our 2023 recreational sports program, our foundation will continue supporting, affirming, and promoting Macedonian sports at domestic and international levels.

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