300 food packages provided for socially vulnerable families

Together we can do a lot, together we can do everything. This resonates deeply as we stand united once more. The ‘ZAEV – One Society for All’ Foundation, in collaboration with socially conscious entities and individuals from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, is driven by a common ethos, faith, and objective. Armed with compassion and empathy, our aim remains to emphasize our shared humanity, sense of belonging, and unity. In anticipation of the holidays, we’re launching a charitable initiative. There is nothing more heartwarming than witnessing the transformation of this initiative into tangible aid, as every action propels a positive change.

This ongoing effort entails the distribution of 300 food packages to vulnerable families across fifteen Macedonian cities for the New Year and Christmas season. Our outreach encompasses households with numerous children, foster families, single mothers, survivors of domestic abuse, solitary pensioners on minimal pensions, and orphaned children residing in small group residences.

A profound notion asserts that true happiness comes from the happiness of those around. It is with this sentiment that we enact our mission under the banner of ‘Happiness is shared.’ Looking ahead to 2024, the ‘ZAEV – One Society for All’ Foundation will continue to share joy, extending an invitation to socially responsible institutions and companies to partake in this endeavor of sharing happiness.

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